26th July 2014 – Watari Glass Studio

Today, I planned to go to the Watari Glass Studio which is one of the siteseeing spots from the anime Glasslip.
The glass blowing studio is located in Ayakawa in Fukui Prefecture.


Before heading off, I took another photo of the Kanazawa wooden gate, then headed to the train station.


At the station, I went to the bus ticket office and got some instructions to which bus to catch.

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24th July 2014 – Takayama & Kanazawa

The next day, I had breakfast and then went to look around the Takayama morning markets

The Takayama Markets was very relaxing.



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23 July 2014 – Furukawa & Takayama

I headed to Furukawa and Takayama today.

Furukawa is an traditional town known for it’s woodworking roots. In Furukawa is a woodworking museum for the builders who made all the wooden houses and temples in the area.


It is a very quiet town where there are small streams for the koi fish to swim in on the sides of the walkways.

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22nd July 2014: Tsukiji Market

Went to Tsukiji markets today.

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20th July 2014: Fuji-Q LiSA Concert

For my 2nd day plans, I had an anime concert at Fuji-Q highlands with the popular singer LiSA.

I headed out from my hotel to go to Fuji-Q near Mt Fuji for LiSA Concert early at about 8:45am. It will take 3 hours one way by train

Yesterday, I was trying to use my trusty kindle to contact friends to meet up on and to tweet, but it crashed and failed on me!

posted at 09:01:55

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19th July 2014: Arrival in Japan

My flight to Hong Kong was delayed by about 30 mins due to the typhoon that was in Hong Kong.
Spent a bit of time waiting until the plane was ready to fly off..


By the time we were about to board, I was quite sleepy.

On the flight to Japan, I was actually not feeling too well. I think I was coming down with a cold and fever. Was just feeling uncomfortable and couldn’t really rest properly for some reason. I didn’t realize what it was until partway through the flight.


The flight itself was actually quite pleasant, although feeling unwell it made it hard to enjoy it.

The meal was quite nice too. I was on Cathay Pacific and the meal they had was some Pork rice and vegetables. It was quite tasty and am quite happy with the service on the flight.

I don’t recall having any noisy kids or anything so it was quite a good flight. I was a bit cold though from my fever that I didn’t know I had.


During the flight, I watched a Japanese drama based of the anime called Gin no Saji. It was quite a decent movie and followed the anime quite closely.

When I arrived at Hong Kong airport, I was lost for a bit. I had to transfer, but there weren’t any proper instructions on where to go to transfer and all the staff were too busy and there were huge queues.
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Typhoon in Hong Kong?

I’ll be off to Japan via Hong Kong this Friday! Although a number of things have happened that may impact my trip plans.

Apparently there is a typhoon that will be arriving in Hong Kong roughly around the same day I will be landing there to transfer to my plane to Japan. I am hoping the flight isn’t affected! So far looking at the status, 4 flights have already been cancelled. Yikes! A cancelled flight would really screw things up for me.

Update: Seems the typhoon will probably head away from Hong Kong, so I should be fine. The ones that were cancelled was in Philippines where the typhoon hit badly.


iPod touch low battery

Just as I am about to go to Japan, I’ve started to notice that my iPod Touch 4th gen which I found out was purchased in 2011 has dying batteries which can’t hold much charge anymore. I did a bit of a search around and the local repair shop in the city can do a repair for $99 which they can do in 1 hour, but apparently it is quite risky. On the other hand, I took the iPod to the Apple store in the city and was told that they could replace it for $95.

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Bought Diablo 3 for PC

Bought Diablo 3 pc at EB games for $36.

I bought the PS3 version already and quite enjoyed that, but since one of my friends bought the PC version and I found that it was actually quite good on PC, I’ve decided to also get a copy.

I did initially read a lot of negative media about the game, but it seems that most of those negative aspects have been fixed a while back, so I am happy to be able to enjoy the game for such a cheap price.

I did play a quick game with one of my friends and it was quite enjoyable. I hope to play it a bit more after I come back from my upcoming Japan trip.

DIY tube amplifiers

Lately I have been reading up on understanding how the headphone amplifiers I built work and trying to understand how tubes work too. I am quite surprised that the designs are really quite simple and quite similar.

I also noticed that with the tube amplifiers that I have, they seems to be very noisy, even with my linear power supply that I built.
However, when I tried powering it from a SLA lead acid battery, then it played without any noise at all and the music that was masked with the noise actually sounded very good.

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